There Is No Silver Bullet For Cybersecurity

ADDED: 20-Nov-2017.

In March 2016, Google reported that over 50 million website users were greeted with divergent forms of warning that websites were either trying to steal information or install malicious software. Only a year earlier the reported number was 17 million.
Good patient care begins from the moment you capture a patient’s details – this includes secure online privacy and record-keeping practices.

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Vicarious Liability and The Non-Doctor Owner

ADDED: 18-Aug-2017.

You may own a medical practice with others, such as fellow doctors, other professional colleagues, family members or friends. You’re required by your medical registration to have professional indemnity insurance, which you take out. So if a patient sues for something they say went wrong with the care they received, you’re covered right? Not necessarily….

Timothy Bowen, MIGA Senior Solicitor – Advocacy, Claims & Education and Nihal D’Cruz, MIGA Business Development Manager – Corporate Relationships discuss vicarious liability and the non-doctor owner.

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Career Transitions

ADDED: 12-Jul-2017.

Doctor shortage has led to a reliance on locums in regional, rural and remote communities in Australia. In this report Robin Jerome, Managing Partner, ZEEP Medical Recruitment Experts, discusses three signficiant benefits from working as a locum, especially if you are seeking a pathway for career transition.

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Six Characteristics Of The Scientist-Entrepreneur

ADDED: 12-Jul-2017.

The message is clear - we need to get medical research out of the lab and into the real world - but we are lacking enough of the right people who can make it happen. Dr Cameron Ferris, Commercialisation Manager, The iQ Group Global, observes six common characteristics that set these 'Scientist-Entrepreneurs' apart.

DOWNLOAD: IQ Group Global Six Characteristics.pdf

Independent Contractor Agreements

ADDED: 06-Jul-2017.

Being a sole principal in your own medical practice is becoming less common. Instead we are seeing a variety of different forms of medical practice, including many practitioners who are either engaged as employed doctors or as independent contractors by corporate bodies.

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Your Lawyer's Role in Creating Practice Value

ADDED: 13-Feb-2017.

As your medical practice grows, you should maintain a focus on establishing maximum value at retirement. The Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) rules provide considerable concessions for small business proprietors, which includes medical practitioners and specialists. A retirement income stream generated by the sale proceeds from your business is an opportunity worth exploring.

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Property Health Check

ADDED: 21-Mar-2014. In any field, be it medicine, business, education or otherwise, research is more than important. It informs an entire approach, mitigates risk and is the basis for the delivery of the optimum outcome. Such it is with investing in residential property too.
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The Value Of Financial Advice

ADDED: 16-Jul-2013. There are many areas where financial advice can add value to clients. These include budgeting, goal-setting, tax management, maximising government benefits, life insurance and debt restructuring.
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Time Management is a Myth!

ADDED: 23-May-2013. You and I get 24 hours in each day – 168 of them in a week. No more and no less. The seconds in an hour are a fixed resource that no one can manipulate or manage or finagle or cajole or multiply.

So let’s all stop focusing on “time management” and do something MUCH more productive instead.
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The Burnout Prevention Matrix

ADDED: 11-Feb-2013. Healthcare leaders of all stripes act as if understanding how to create a happy, healthy, supportive workplace for the doctors and staff is some mysterious "dark art" or an unattainable goal ...

The Burnout Prevention Matrix: 117 ways doctors and healthcare organisations can lower stress and prevent burnout.
DOWNLOAD: Free Report - Burnout Prevention Matrix-V2.pdf

Social Media and the Medical Profession: A guide to online professionalism for medical practitioners and medical students.

ADDED: 26-Nov-2012. A joint initiative of the Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors-in-Training, the New Zealand Medical Association Doctors-in-Training Council, the New Zealand Medical Students’ Association and the Australian Medical Students’ Association.

Video Introduction to Guide
DOWNLOAD: Free Report - Social Media and the Medical Profession.pdf

10 Practical Tips to Enhance a Patient’s Experience with your Practice

ADDED: 15-Nov-2012. This article provides ten suggestions that will make you and your practice attractive to existing patients, as well as to help you attract new patients to your practice.
DOWNLOAD: Free Report - 10 Practical Tips to Enhance Your Patients.pdf

The Private Practice Equity Plan

ADDED: 05-Sep-2012. The following report aims to convey the issues and possible solutions to the much debated subject of practice value and succession, and is offered here as preparation for those considering attending the Private Practice Succession Planning Workshop...
DOWNLOAD: Special Report - The Private Practice Equity Plan.pdf

5 Key Trends In Medical Marketing For 2012

ADDED: 20-Mar-2012. How can your practice adapt to the changing Healthcare Industry marketing landscape?
Jason Borody from Vividus explains the top medical marketing trends to drive awareness with new patients, retain existing patients, and stay on top of your market.
DOWNLOAD: 5 Key Marketing Trends 2012.pdf

Unified Managed Accounts

ADDED: 07-Feb-2012. The latest technology in investment administration, monitoring and management

7 Signs Your Healthcare Website Didn't Show Up For Work Today

ADDED: 07-Feb-2012. A first-time visitor to your healthcare website knows very little about you. And what they find—or don't find—will be their "first impression" of you and your brand.
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Day Hospital/Surgery Development

ADDED: 22-Sep-2011. If you want to build a day hospital in Australia, Elizabeth Rankin says competent planning, understanding all the risks, enlisting the right people for the job and having patience will keep the foundations firm.
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Too Much Information - When is Medical Information too much Information?

ADDED: 08-Sep-2011. Margaret Faux differentiates between the laws in each Australian State and draws a comparison between Australia and the United States.
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The Role of the Practice Manager

ADDED: 08-Aug-2011. A good practice manager is a valuable asset, but what exactly should this all-important role encompass? Hanya Oversby provides and overview...
DOWNLOAD: The-Role-of-the-Practice-Manager.pdf

Sensation Transference... or why you should renovate your rooms

ADDED: 20-Apr-2011. "How was it that by changing the colour of a wrapper, you could double or halve sales?" - Anne Levitch explores Louis Cheskin's concept in marketing awareness and applies this to the healthcare environment.
DOWNLOAD: Sensation-Transference-in-Healthcare-Environment.pdf

10 Common Financial Mistakes made by Medical Practitioners

ADDED: 29-Jun-2010. Are you blindly following the advice of accountants and financial advisers? This and other common mistakes are discussed in this report.
DOWNLOAD: 10-Common-Financial-Mistakes.pdf

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