Who we work with

The Private Practice works with all doctors in practice, from final year trainees to established practitioners and those planning a successful retirement.

Are you faced with one of these challenges?

"I'm a trainee daunted by the task of setting up my own private medical practice."

How do I find the right premises, negotiate the lease and arrange finance for fit-out? Who can help me recruit & train staff? How should I bill patients? What kind of books do I keep? Should I set up a company structure? What insurance do I need?  There is so much I don't know about the financial and business world.

"I'm investing a lot of time and money in my practice. How will I capitalise on this investment?"

Where will the referrals come from? How will I fill up my diary of appointments? Will I be able to pay staff and meet my loan repayments? Is there someone who can mentor me?

"How can I set up my practice for success?"

What do I need to know about business planning and setting KPIs? Where do I find an accountant who works with doctors? What kind of indemnity insurance do I need? Do I need personal insurance? Should I employ a recruitment agency to get help finding and managing staff?

"How can I run my practice better?"

Should I employ a Practice Manager so I can focus on being a doctor? How do I safeguard against embezzlement? How can IT be used to streamline our processes? How can we better deal with pharmaceutical companies?

"How can I create a better lifestyle?"

I want to spend more time with my family but will I lose referrals if I take time off? Am I taking enough holidays? Is it time to rethink our retirement strategy? Am I investing profits well?

"How can I sell my successful practice as an asset?"

I acknowledge that medical practitioners typically have nothing to sell at the end of their working lives but I am interested in the amalgamation/corporatisation model. I’ve heard stories about similar practices selling to larger buying groups and receiving shares. Who can I speak to about this?

"How can I continue with this lifestyle in retirement?"

Should I focus on Super? Can I introduce a younger partner and retain part ownership? How do I set up a succession plan?

You are likely to succeed working with us if...

"You are genuinely committed to taking responsibility for you medical practice, financial and lifestyle success."

You will get invaluable leverage in achieving your goals when you accept the role of ongoing learning ,industry benchmarking, peer to peer review plus business and lifestyle coaching.

Trainees & Fellows Starting Private Practice

The Private Practice is designed to prepare trainees and recent fellows for the challenges involved with establishing and managing a successful medical practice. We can assist in formulating, implementing and monitoring a business and personal financial plan; and help you recognise and adopt the actions, processes and habits required to establish and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Doctors in Practice

The Private Practice programs are also designed to provide a forum for the established practitioner to review and benchmark current systems, procedures, arrangements and knowledge in all areas of business, financial and lifestyle management, and to provide facilitation and coaching for meaningful, effective change.

Doctors Leaving Private Practice

Retirement planning is about much more than just maximising superannuation contributions. The Private Practice is committed to being the pre-eminent source for the most up to date knowledge, information, research, technology and strategy around transitioning from Practice to Private life and establishing and maintaining your desired lifestyle in retirement.

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