Steven Macarounas

Head of Education and Managing Editor, The Private Practice

If the affect of the Pandemic on our lives and livelihoods has taught us anything, it’s the importance of hyper-vigilance, of rapid responsiveness, of review and reinvention.

Winston Churchill said Never waste a good crisis”.

In challenging times we must question the accepted reality if it no longer serves us; rapid answers are needed and the solution may well be found outside the usual compass.

What’s always been true is the supreme importance of staying relevant and, in this world of disruption, hastened by the relentless growth of consumer empowerment, relevance equals resilience, adaption, evolution!

A friend of mine, a CEO in the Not for Profit sector, put it most eloquently recently when he said, “our times call for not just being best in class but being unique in class!

Knowledge will always be key to preparedness, strategy and effective action and, true to our promise, we have thought long and hard about what content is required right now and how to best deliver it to meet your needs for thought leadership and resources aimed at achieving optimal business, financial and lifestyle goals.

At time of writing, uncertainty continues regarding our ability to, and the safety of, travel, face-to-face gatherings and events, BUT, at the risk of sounding callous, the driven souls amongst us have arrived at the intersection between frozen fear and stepping in to the future, and have decided to carry-on, responsibly yet focussed, with gathering momentum.

In the spirit of this momentum, we present to you our Spring 2020 Magazine as well as our 2021 Private Practice Course Curriculum. We are excited at the prospect of meeting again and to being instrumental in the transformative change that comes from embracing this specialised education.

Knowledge is power – all power to you!

Happy Reading.

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