Finding your way

Finding your way

This article is the first in a series of articles which will provide insights for medical practitioners looking to improve their career prospects and/or change direction. Further articles will address questions frequently asked of the Career Adviser, Christine Brill. 

The AMA Career Service was established in response to a need expressed by doctors in training, particularly, for support and advice in relation to their medical careers. This advice was needed in building CVs, addressing selection criteria, writing cover letters and importantly how to prepare for and perform at an interview. There are three complementary services offered by the Career Service: 

  • web based resource 
  • one-on-one career counselling 
  • workshops and seminars designed to improve the chance of getting to interview and then to land the job of their dreams 

The Career Advice Service web resource is accessible by all and the website contains pages which cover the life span of a medical career. For example, the most visited page is “Becoming a Doctor” which provides one-stop information for secondary school students contemplating a medical career. 

There are dedicated pages for medical students, doctors in training and those preparing for independent practice as well as those who are international medical students and graduates seeking advice on practising medicine in Australia. 

A much-used resource is the Specialty Training Pathway Guide which allows comparison of the many medical specialities and sub-specialities. Whilst it is possible to access the information, AMA members get the information at greater depth and so are able to make better assessments about their future career options. 

Links are also provided to international organisations employing medical professionals – in paid and volunteer roles – as well as to State and Territory Health Departments. New pages will be added in 2018 which will further enhance the site and provide more important information for the profession. 

Christine’s role as Career Adviser is to assist members with advice on a range of matters, predominantly the quality and presentation of CVs and the supporting documents needed when applying for a job or College training place. She can assist with career planning and decision-making, identifying work-related values and priorities, analysing clinical and other skills and abilities and assist in identifying and/or creating opportunities for career progression. It should be noted too that Christine will refer back to AMA States that have on-staff career advisers, any member of that State seeking one-on-one support. Between the advisers, there is a great wealth of information and support available. 

Christine has assisted hundreds of doctors and medical students this year in upskilling their interview skills and updating and improving their CVs. 

Christine believes her experience and qualifications make her ideally suited to this important role. Before taking on this role in mid-2015, she was the CEO of the AMA ACT for several decades and has worked with and for the profession. Her contribution to the profession has been acknowledged and she holds a Masters’ degree in Human Resource Management and a Graduate Diploma in Employment Relations among others. 

“The CV is the most important document that will determine whether a young doctor gets to interview – or not – and therefore warrants time and attention to make it the best document it can be. This cannot be overstated. It should be a relevant and concise document that gives a great snapshot of who the doctor is, where they have been and where they want to be” says Christine. 

“We know that the interview looms large in the minds of the doctors in training, and we can help them prepare for that, but in the first instance, it is the CV that needs to take priority”, she said.

The Career Service recognises that these junior doctors are living in a dynamic and very competitive environment and with some attention and professional advice they can get the edge. 

Next time Christine will provide some insights into some of the questions asked of the service and her response. These should also prove of value. 

But for now, Christine advises that the combined career services of Federal AMA and the States be utilised in order to ensure that doctors in training give themselves the best chance to getting to an interview. 

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