Trust, bees

Steven Macarounas

Head of Education and Managing Editor, The Private Practice

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand – Then you suffer…” Stevie Wonder

There is a direct relationship between trust and knowledge – or at least there should be!

Our trust should be bestowed as a gift, only to those who have earned it, and the only way to determine that ‘earning’ of trust is through understanding.

In my 30 years of working with doctors in the areas of business and financial management, one of the greatest mistakes I have witnessed is decision making and actions or strategies embarked on, off the back of advice from consultants, without the doctor-client truly understanding the advice and what they were committing to.

If more of us used the following criteria when interviewing potential advisers for the job of joining our personal team of business and financial specialists, we would be less affected by the headlines in today’s papers:

  • Experience, expertise and technical skills
  • Willingness and ability to educate and communicate their knowledge
  • Help you to make informed decisions
  • Quality information
  • Unbiased and tailored advice
  • Strategy – not just ‘products’
  • Pro-active and regular reviews
  • Get things done

Only after continued and consistent experience of the above should we feel confident about and trust, our advisers.

Unfortunately, getting to this point takes effort and time, there is no easy solution to building the right team, but really when was anything worthwhile easy to achieve?!

The biggest threat to achieving our business, financial and lifestyle goals are not bad advisers but rather inadequate knowledge on behalf of the client that leads to poor or no decision making.

Education is crucial!

To this endeavour, we are proud to offer the expertise, experience, knowledge and wisdom of our specialist contributors to you via this, our Autumn 2018 edition of The Private Practice Magazine.

Happy Reading.

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